Polyoak In-house Seminar

Comments from delegates at an in-house seminar at Polyoak.

  • “It was a very good course because it gave me more knowledge of greases and oils.”
  • “Well put together & facilitator has great knowledge of lubricants, it helps make the course easier as he can explain the why & why not’s on questions that gets asked.”
  • “Good and useful.”
  • “Thanks. I learn’t more about oil & lubrication that will give me more skills about my way to service the machine (tie bars, sliders, bearings)”
  • “Very informative. I’ve learnt a lot of stuff that changed the way I look at oil now.”
  • “Good to educate us on the correct usage of oils and greases. Just the financial restrictions when wanting to purchase the correct greases due to budget restrictions.”
  • “I learn a lot to learn my fellow workers about how to use oil on machine and how to grease on machine.”
  • “It is a very good course. I have learnt a lot about lubrication.”

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