About Us​

Oil Wise Lubrication is a specialist consulting company, providing technical lubrication seminars. Our core competency is in assisting our clients to maintain for profit through complete lubrication practices. In addition to being differentiated by our focus on quality lubrication procedures and practices, and the resultant massive potential for additional profit, we also ensure strategic objectivity by being an independent company and our tactics are new and unique in South Africa.

Our Mission & Vision

To our client; We will only undertake this engagement if we can agree to our mutual satisfaction that the value we are creating for you, by way of our Oil Wise Seminars and Consulting, is greater than the price we are charging you. It is our minimum requirement that this value is known to our client.

We want to use training and consulting in the field of lubricants in Africa to allow us to build relationships of honesty, integrity and loyalty amongst all those people we meet daily, and to prosper these individuals as well as the companies they are helping to build. Our goal is to strive to be perfect in all that we do, to the benefit of those who sincerely work towards similar goals in the workplace and at home.

Why Choose Us

In addition to being differentiated by our primary focus on consulting and offering technical lubrication seminars, we further differentiate ourselves by:

Our collaboration with suppliers is recognised in our case studies by giving credit to the excellence of those with whom we have worked.