About Us

Oil Wise Lubrication is a specialist consulting company, providing technical lubrication seminars. Our core competency is in assisting our clients to maintain for profit through complete lubrication practices.

In addition to being differentiated by our focus on quality lubrication procedures and practices, and the resultant massive potential for additional profit, we also ensure strategic objectivity by being an independent company and our tactics are new and unique in South Africa.


What is Oil Wise Lubrication

Oil Wise Lubrication is a specialised company providing consulting and technical lubrication seminars.

Our focus recognises that for a company to operate effectively, making the most profit possible, the recognition of the importance of an effective lubrication strategy is of enormous value.

Lubrication strategy is a business tool. It is not restricted only to maintenance. It aligns the production environment and maintenance department with the marketing department which results in a business plan which increases the overall efficiency of the company, thereby increasing profit significantly. It focuses the enterprise and has the potential to hold significant equity.

Why Are We Called Oil Wise Lubrication?

We strive to foster a relationship of trust, mutual respect and interdependence with our clients.

In Greek mythology, the owl, and specifically the Little Owl, was often associated with the goddess Athena, a bird goddess who became associated with wisdom, the arts, and skills, and as a result, owls also became associated with wisdom. In Western folklore, owls are commonly associated with studious scholars and wise elders. They are also the unofficial mascot of the high-IQ society Mensa.

From the Mensa web site: “For thousands of years owls have been respected and looked upon with awe. Whether it is their inscrutable faces, commanding posture or quiet stealth, they are inevitably depicted as having power over human lives.”
We contend that without a structured lubrication strategy, production grief and pain are a certainty, and that the best guarantee of planned success is effective activation of plans.

Our Vision

We want to use training and consulting in the field of lubricants in Africa to allow us to build relationships of honesty, integrity and loyalty amongst all those people we meet daily, and to prosper these individuals as well as the companies they are helping to build. Our goal is to strive to be perfect in all that we do, to the benefit of those who sincerely work towards similar goals in the workplace and at home.

Our Mission

To our client; We will only undertake this engagement if we can agree to our mutual satisfaction that the value we are creating for you, by way of our Oil Wise Seminars and Consulting, is greater than the price we are charging you. It is our minimum requirement that this value is known to our client.

Our Values

We are passionate about our work and our lives. We strive in all that we do to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We believe in our accountability to those we serve and in continually creating value for others. We believe that success is built on personal relationships between provider and client. Our fundamental belief is that we understand the needs and preferences of our client.

We like to surprise our clients and exceed their expectations with the service we deliver.

Why Are We Different

In addition to being differentiated by our primary focus on consulting and offering technical lubrication seminars, we further differentiate ourselves by:

  • Involving ourselves from the very start of the lubrication needs of our clients, through to production and maintenance strategies. This ensures strategic synergy throughout the process.
  • Activating our strategies and action plans, by briefing and managing the implementation thereof.
  • Our business model requires us to recommend appropriate suppliers to clients / prospective clients. We work with a wide range of suppliers, who either have established relationships with our clients, or whom we have introduced to our clients. This ensures that suppliers are aligned to the requirements of strategies and plans of clients instead of vice-versa.

Our collaboration with suppliers is recognised in our case studies by giving credit to the excellence of those with whom we have worked.