What We Do

We assist with the development of knowledge and understanding of lubricants, specifically in the area of the client’s needs and requirements, through seminars and our consulting practice. This enables the client to make informed choices and decisions about needs and products available.

We provide lubrication seminars, both public and in house, to give clients greater insight, knowledge and understanding of the role lubricants and greases play in tribology.

We offer a service that provides:

Training of technical and engineering staff on specifically related lubricants and greases

  • Training of oilers and greasers
  • Complete lubrication survey
  • Evaluation of problematic areas
  • Specific lubricant related advice
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Oil condition monitoring
  • Correct use of products
  • Re-order levels and quantities
  • Most recent product technical data and MSDS’s
  • Machine/lubricant marking
  • Lubricant equivalents list
  • Confirmation of lubricant specification
  • Equipment
  • Service levels
  • Stock availability
  • Colour coding and labelling
  • Handling and storage

Our lubrication plans are solutions oriented and ensure that we make an essential contribution to the business.

In-depth research and rigorous planning ensures lubrication synergy throughout the business.

Our commitment to activating our plans ensures that the plans delivered are practical and that implementation is properly thought through.

The Gap:

Every client is different. We have proven processes for tackling challenges, and these are applied to facilitate ideas rather than restrict them. Our approach is clearly structured to ensure alignment of client expectation and our delivery.

We bridge the gap by ensuring that we understand fully the client’s needs before deciding on an appropriate strategy and or products to recommend and apply to resolve the challenge. We do not apply a pre-conceived “one size fits all” strategy to any challenge.

Strategic Lubrication Planning Process

Before commencing with a plan we ensure that our work is contextualised through a strategic planning process. In addition to ensuring that we are aligned to key business realities this also ensures that we are aligned to other functional streams within the business.

Through this rigorous process we ensure that the resultant strategies and communications are relevant to the business objectives to achieve maximum ROI. We also assist our clients by involving ourselves in the strategy activation process.

Our extensive corporate and consulting experience has shown that for strategic lubrication plans to be effective, they must be relevant, practical and simple to activate.

Activation (Lubrication Planning & Implementation)

There are endless possible outcomes to a lubrication activation plan. Our independence ensures that we are unbiased towards any tactic and because we enjoy getting involved in activation, our recommendations are practical, and deliver on objectives effectively and efficiently.